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accident this morning in glen glen burnie. traffic is moving well along the major beltways. it's building up some. but for the most part traffic is moving along pretty well. 95 corridor and 195 no problems. >>> jamie? >> >> a freshman was hit and killed by a car. the incident happened at 9:45 on route 24 and red pump road in bel air. a 19 year old driver hit joey d'entremont. he died a short time later. the light prohibited him from walking through the crosswalk with, -- cross walk. >> i would go through hard times with my family, and he would always say, never forget your family, don't fight with them, you never know when you could lose them. and right now, i have lost him. >> dr. cohen was shot in the abdomen. the gunman paul pardus got upset after learning his mother's condition, and he shot and killed his mother and then shot and killed himself. >> abc news, emily has details. sarah shroud returns back to america. she was arrested and accused of spying in 2009 when she, herty anfiance -- her fiance and her friend. we are not spies. >> american's should release 8 8 iran yangs -- irania
>> on monday at 1:15 a masked man breaks into a glen burnie home and attacks an 83-year-old woman. >> in houston a man pulled over for drunk driving takes a so brightly test and a fight breaks out. >> hurricane earl is huffing and puffing on the coast. what will he do this weekend? i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. justin is headed down there to check everything out as we keep an eye on earl. >> the hard thing is if you have a place down there, you wonder ooh. >> earl is down to a category 3. i want to make one point clear. the most common question i've had so far this week, i want to answer. this is not isabelle. by any stretch of the imagination, a completely different storm. isabelle chugged inland, pushed surge up the bay. this one stays out to sea. around the bay and baltimore, not much of an impact, a close pass on the east coast, already watches and warnings posted for virginia through north carolina, and we'll be watching our close approach to ocean city thursday night and friday. beyond that labor day weekend looking cooler but looking nice.
:00. people in one glen burnie neighborhood are upset, but to be honest anyone will be upset when you hear this story. police are looking for a man who raped an 83-year-old woman. abc 2 news's linda so joins us with the latest. >> reporter: police only have a vague description of the man, a guy in his early 20s who wore a dark colored scarf over his face during the attack. it happened early monday morning on country club drive in glen burnie. police say the man broke into the elderly woman's home and sexually assaulted her before running away. police plan to patrol the area to get more information about the suspect. neighbors hope police make an arrest soon. >> i hope so. i really do, because you don't know if it's the guy up the street or whatever. not knowing is the worst thing. >> if you have any information to help police call the anne arundel county sex crimes unit, 410-222-3416. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. >>> baltimore city police and firefighters unions once again are sounding the alarm over a pension dispute. the unions are going to be holding rallies this week including
. telson goes on to beat delaney, 27-12. annapolis hosting glen burnie, annapolis in blue. pickup the action first quarter. watson on the sweet, cut it back, picks his way through traffic. 15 yards for the touchdown, 7-0 panthers. same play, different playmaker. keith collins cutting back with a lot of room to run. 75 yards for the touchdown. annapolis is up 14-6 in front of glen burnie. sean woodland it's the third score as he tied ropes down the sideline into the end zone. annapolis beat glen burnie 28-20 annapolis beat glen burnie 28-20 for the everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. >> an
of glen burnie. we have fire activity at baltimore annapolis boulevard, mountain road. aside from that, traffic is really off to a fantastic start, no problems here with drive times on the 895 uh, harbor tunnel thruway. seven minutes between the split and 295. no problems southbound 95 between the beltway and route 32. that'll take you about 16 minutes, outer loop, southwest corner of the beltway. as we look right now at our camera, you'll see traffic moving very well. light volume on the beltway, harford road. it's looking good on the west side as well. >> a minute after 6:00 right now, we know it's a close race. we know who's leading right now but this morning we're still waiting to find out who will be protecting baltimore streets, starting today, votes will be counted to determine who will be the next city state's attorney. linda sow is live with details on what's taking so long. linda? >> reporter: a spokesmen for jessamy says they're concerned about the integrity of the results and a lawyer is looking into the situation of reports tla there were problems at polling centers, some
the traffic building slightly here. we have one crash to let you know about in glen burnie. >> jamie, back to you. >> 6:00. >> i cannot imagine how tough it will be this morning and the rest of the weekend. a freshman was hit and killed by a car while trying to cross a road in bel air. >> joey was hit when trying to cross the street with two friends. the 14 year old high school football player, joey did ent tremont. the lights prohibited him from walking in the crosswalk, and the 19 year old driver had no time to stop when he hit and killed joey. >> he was a sweet and funny kid. he played piano and was in -- band, and was an amazing singer. >> it's 6:02 right now, we have two more murders to tell you about. police are looking for suspects in both cases. at quarter till 5:00 yesterday morning, a a man was shot in the head and taken to the hospital where he dater died. >>> izael white was shot in the back and chest, and he was taken to the hospital and died a short time later. >>> dr. cohen is doing better after being shot on thursday in the stomach. pardus became upset afterhearing about
drivers from speaking without a handsfree device. >> rob roblin joins us live from glen burnie with more on what is being done to remind drivers of those changes. >> a lot of people are talking of the new law that goes into effect on friday. you can no longer drive on the street without it being handled. you will have to have one of these and it all begins on friday. the ravens tight end was here. at this glen burnie best buy to get ready for this handsfree law. there are a lot of people here today. hopefully we can get the net message out and promote that it is important to be aware on the road and not be talking on yourself on and do things that could take your eye off the road. >> state officials were here today to get the word out about maryland's and new handsfree cellphone law. >> every driver on maryland roads will have to put down the funds and dust dry. we want to make sure that our cars and car talks are no phone zones. >> the people who know how dangerous distracted driving can be are police officers. >> is a necessary law that we have to do something with all of this distract
he intended to use it. it was those students glen burnie school says did the right thing right away. >> the children went to administration and did exactly what we have encouraged children to do. find a responsible adult and report it that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: it was because of that the student was immediately apprehended. no one was injured a potentially dangerous situation diffused. but parents we spoke to who didn't want to go on camera tell us the student in question was protecting himself against a situation that started outside the school earlier this week. if it were not for the quick thinking of other students it could have escalated. >> we take these things very seriously as we have to. i mean, something like this if students didn't do what they were supposed to do and administration wasn't made aware of it we could have had a really dangerous situation. >> reporter: which is why the system sent home this letter right away as well as making automated phone calls to parents. keeping everyone informed pushing to keep everyone safe. in glen burnie brian ku
is kim brown. >> reporter: justin, not much happening on the roads. in glen burnie, there's a fire near baltimore annapolis boulevard and mountain road. right now as we look at our drive times, we don't have issues on the beltway, outer loop is all clear between bel air and providence road. 95 southbound looking good between white marsh boulevard and 695. no problems between the 83s. here we are on the harrisburg expressway, warren road. traffic is very light. no delays between mount carmel towards 695. jamie, back to you. >>> with the job market the way it is right now, players are looking at hundreds of resumes. >> we have advice for you on how to make your resume stand out from the crowd. >>> another police beating caught on tape. was this necessary use the force? we'll find out. ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating
expressway through downtown beltway, canton, fells point, you're soaked and towards glen burnie. it looks like annapolis, the cutoff of the real heavy rain as it slides south-to-north. we deal with this across the beltway at least for the next half-hour to 45 minutes but there will be more to come, 72 this afternoon and periods of thunderstorms. and perhaps even some localized flooding with up to three inches of rain before this system is done. right now let's check the roads with kim, they are already causing problems. >> that's right. the rain is not making for a fun monday morning commute. we're working one crash already on the bw parkway northbound at arundel mills circle. no word of lane closures yet. a couple of road hazards, flooding in the prince george's county area at route 50 and route 301. keep that in mind. in colombia, snowden river parkway, the ramp to westbound route 100 continues to be closed because of an oil spill, not related to a crash, a truck started to leak oil. they are sending sand trucks out there. the traffic circle is closed also at this time. look at the shi
don't have any delays or accidents. just fire activity in glen burnie at baltimore annapolis boulevard and mountain road. you could see fire equipment there blocking the intersection. as we look at 95, the whole 95 corridor is pretty much incident free. no problems at the tunnels and we're looking good on the harrisburg expressway. 695 is going to be all clear so far on both loops. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> 5:33 right now. later today the city board of elections will begin counting nearly 2,000 absentee ballots that could decide the race for baltimore city state's attorney. late last night, the campaign for pat jessamy says even if the count takes place, this battle could be far from over. >> reporter: this race could drag on for a few more days, weeks, even months. a spokeswoman for the patricia jessamy campaign has a lawyer looking into reports of problems at polling centers, polls opening late, voting equipment that malfunctioned and other problems. right now gregg bernstein holds a narrow lead over jessamy with over 1300 votes. both are waiting for absentee ballots to be co
morning on country club drive in glen burnie. police say the man broke into the elderly woman's home and sexually assaulted her before running away. neighbors hope police make an arrest soon. >> you have to be really hard up, you know, to do something like that. you hear about it. you get concerned. >> reporter: if you have any information that can help police, call the anne arundel county sex crimes unit at 410- 222-3416. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. >>> on the day of the official end of the u.s. military combat mission in iraq, the president delivered a major address last night. the president touched on the new mission for u.s. troops in iraq, afghanistan, and the border fight against terrorism. in his address, the president said the united states commitment to a stable and self reliant iraq continues. >> this is my pledge to the american people as a candidate for this office. last february i announced a plan to bring our combat brigades out of iraq while redoubling efforts to strengthen iraq's security forces and support its government and people. that's what we've done. >
, give us a call. >> we got a tip michael waters -as in glen glen burnie. >> reporter: waters has been oo the run since march. he's beiig charged wwth sexual child abuse. joy lepoll, ox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you, jjy. you can see all the he people wanted in our fugitive fills y clickinggonnfoxbaltimore.command going toothe news features section. >>> aa hurricann earl moves ever so closer tt the state of maryland, state emergency crews get prepared at the maryland emergency headquarters. ii's quiet now but a lot work i3 plans went ttat effect sunday and nema is communiccting with day. >> each day it gees more do.3 governoo o'malley had a conference call to discuss his concerns and issues so we'veúú&. >> in the middle of the storm nema ill be communicating wiih3 jurisdictioos every four hours. for more we go to vytas reidú standiig by live t the state fair. >> we're talking about summer-like temperatures beccuse it's summer. we're in the thickkof it. tte 90s..3ng the temperatures ii we're talkkng about suushine. come on out nd joy. the atlantic.e a coocern over let's talk about
robo mas reciente ocurrio el coles, desaparecieron de un almacen en glen burnie, maryland... otros 740 robados de otra planta en annapolis.. dado al los dos equipos del area iniciaron ganando de local y visita. anoche en el cierre de la primer semana de la nfl, los baltimore ravens aprovecharon la ineficiencia ofensiva de los jets de new york para ganar el primer partido de lunes por la noche de la temporada por 10-9. la tradicionalmente poderosa defensiva de los ravens limito Ó a seis primeros y diez a los jets, que sÓlo pudieron acumular 176 de yardas netas. ademÁs, el conjunto neoyorquino mostrÓ falta de concentraciÓn e indisciplina al 14 castigos para 125 yardas, que regalaron seis primeros y diez a los ravans. en el otro partido los chiefs de kansas city derrotaron 21- 14 a los chargers de san diego. asi que, buen inicio par los ravens de los redskins porque ambos ganaron. gano el uno gran slam que enia en tenis de estados unidos eliminando a novak djokovic, tenemos imagenes y reaccion. vamos ahora con el resumen de las grandes ligas y con los equipos del area, uno gano y
your approach to whitemarsh boulevard. we have that fire in glen burnie. as far as the beltway easy drive and the harrisburg is in great shape. now let's take a live look. you can see traffic moving well at green spring avenue. for the most accurate and up to date traffic information available. , you can always log on to >>> we are inching closer in who will be baltimore city state's attorney. wjz and andrea fujii live outside the board of elections. >> reporter: this race could be decided with about 2,000 absentee ballots. even after they're counted, patricia jessamy may not give up without a fight. more than 2,000 absentee ballots are waiting to be counted today locked up inside the city's board of elections. judges will begin counting them at 10:00 this morning by machine. the process should be done tonight. >> most of the time is taking and opening them. it could be maybe three or four hours. >> reporter: when that counting is done, incumbent patricia jessamy may not concede without a legal challenge. >> she's still talking with her advisers to determine what the next s
the thieves took more than 1,500 gallons of diesel from two locations, one on park west drive in glen burnie and the other on old mill bottom road near annapolis. joseph bartenfelder is here to explain -- joce is here to explain how they did it >> reporter: police say they stole them from underground storage tanks. they don't know how they got access to the tanks but got away with enough diesel to fill the tanks of more than a dozen tractor-trailers. for courier driver chris newman every mile means more money out of his wallet. he drives 250 miles a day and spends 180 bucks a week on diesel. >> i pay for this myself. this is out of my pocket. >> reporter: so it makes him angry to find out thieves took the same fuel he works hard to buy for free. >> how do you get away with something like that and nobody noticing? >> reporter: good question considering a set of recent thefts in anne arundel county. police say someone stole more than 1,500 gallons of diesel from underground storage tanks. >> somebody had to see something. can't everybody have their eyes closed at one time. >> reporter: police
at aberdine and cecil county. showers. eastern porttand (inaudible) folks in glen burnie getting showers. -his is how it rolls throuuh over the llst several hours. still decent rainfall. and more to come, from the south as we see an area of low pressure wraparound the moissure. how much? through the overnight, we can half or more of an inch acrossú up tt parts of pennsylvaaia, northern portions of delaware. of getting maybe heavy rainfall. potentially. so there could be flooding conditions we have to deal with through the overnight. show you when it will leaae. and when we start to see a ú%ment to dry o coming up in the >> all riiht. you can be ii charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar available at just use the interactive tools to track torms down to your street. go ann click on i-raaar. >> new his hour. doctor shot t johns opkins dr. cohen released thissevening. shot september 16 when briefing a man on the ccndition his mooher. paul pay dus shot his mooher and then himself. cohen's family appreciates the community support. perkins hospit
point. want to take you to glen burnie, they've had over an inch of rain since midnight. 68 degrees. a lot of spray, reduced visibility on richie highway. 1.31 inches. just a few miles away, if you get underneath one of these heavy rain bands, look what it does. edgemere, southeast baltimore county. we have ourselves over two inches of rainfall. 2.48. this was 2.33 just when i loaded the site up, about three minutes ago. picking up rainfall at a heavy rate once it pushes through. shifted over towards perhaps harford county, we'll pick off half inch to an inch in an hour's timeframe. we have ourselves a wave of low pressure. the pump up of tropical moisture. you heard the report earlier, wilmington, north carolina, 18 inches of rainfall, south carolina, extending down through the bahamas right now. all this rainfall continues to push its way, with a few waves of low pressure wrapping around this jetstream. core of cold air will wrap around the storm. until then, we have to deal with the storm through central maryland. what it means for us, periods of heavy rain, on average, two to fi
in the glen burnie theft were not working. . >>> pretty cool night out there. 59 degrees right nought out at bwi. we have humidity coming up a little bit but you won't notice it. temperatures are so cool out there. and take a look through the day today. bottom line was, we started off sunny, brought the clouds in midday as a cool front pushed through the area. this is our parkville weather net camera but the skies clear up nicely as we wet towards sunset tonight. winds gusty as the front pushed through but they've quieted down nicely tonight. now down below 5 miles per hour. mid to upper 50s right now. by day break tomorrow we'll be well down into the 50s. the heart of the city may be warmer overnight this time of year. highs around 80 today. 81 for frederick. 82 for easton. a clear scenario, that front did not spark any rain in the state. and so there will still continue to be this enhanced fire threat out there but this boundary will continue to push further and further south. cooler air works its way in tonight but the highs the next few days will whoever around 80 so you won't notice
at this intersection of solley and nabs creek roads in glen burnie just before midnight saturday. according to police a woman hit a deer with her car, and the driver in the vehicle behind her stopped to avoid hitting her but a motorcycle driven by 34-year-old john fabian iii didn't stop. and hit the second car. fabian was pronounced dead at the scene. his passenger suffered serious injuries. police say they believe fabian had been drinking. >>> 6:48 now. we now know the identity of two people found dead in a howard county home. according to authorities claire lenore stout and reginald van graves both died from what appear to be gunshot wounds. the child who lived in the home on bonnie bridge place in ellicott city found the bodies, police are still investigating but say there appears to be no signs of forced entry. it may have been a domestic assault they say. >>> power could be turned back on in little italy sometime this afternoon. here we are at 6:49. a fire happened just before 7:30 yesterday in an underground power tunnel at the corner of fawn and high streets. knocked out electricity. this vide
motorcyclist dead after a crash in glen burnie. this happened at the intersection of solley and nabs creek roads before midnight saturday. according to authorities a woman hit a deer with her car. the driver in the vehicle behind her stopped to avoid hitting her but a motorcycle driven by 34-year-old jn fabian iii didn't stop in time and hit the second car. fabian was pronounced dead at the scene. the passenger suffered serious injuries. police say they believe fabian had been drinking. >>> today opening statements are expected to begin in the trial of three men accused of killing the former baltimore city councilman ken harris. charles mcganey and gary collins, both 22 and jerome williams, 17, all face murder charges in connection with the shooting death of harris outside of a northeast baltimore jazz club. in september of 2008. >>> now 5:02. they may have the sauce but not the juice. little italy has been without electricity since yesterday. abc2 news' linda so to tell us how they made it through the night. >> reporter: it's been a long and busy night for the bge crews trying to restore
be responsible for. >> a search is on for four men who shot a woman during home invasion in glen burnie. police were called last night to colonial knoll. when the suspect went inside the struggled with a woman and she was shot in the chest. she was taken to shock trauma and is listed in stable condition. police believe the victims might have been targeted. if you have information, call the anne arundel county police. >> another week of testimony wrapped up in the murder trial of former city councilman can harass. they listened to testimony about dna. >> the jurors heard the process that was used to collect the dna evidence. prosecutors tried to connect the three men to the crime. connecting the evidence to the men on trial for robbery -- they're trying to do that with the help of a forensic expert who testified about taking samples provided by investigators to check for blood and skin cells. he submitted the samples for dna analysis. the three men are accused of the murder. he told jurors that he examined a mass that one witness had seen -- one mask that had been seen by a witness. the shooting
around shawan road at 46 miles per hour. so volume continues to build there. in glen burnie, 49 miles per hour according to our speed censor. here's a live look outside. we'll show you things are buildinging at old court off the ramp southbound at 795. no delays in this area. a live view of the key bridge. both loops on the east side look good. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we begin with breaking news this morning. baltimore city firefighters busy on the scene of a fire in north baltimore. >> it started at 2:30 a.m. jennifer franciotti live on the scene this morning. bring us up to date. >> if you're traveling this way, falls road is shut down at northern parkway because this fire happened on a northern parkway address as you take falls road south toward the city. there's a side road parallel to northern parkway. 2 1/2-story building caught fire. inside six people, four women a grandfather and a 10-year-old boy. one of the victims say this fire started in a second-floor building and a 57-year-old grandmother was forced to jump from an atic and suffered injuries to her legs. tw
camera from glen burnie over the last couple of hours. you can see the spray building in, reduced visibility as periods of heavy rain occasionally knock down the advise it to a half mile. we're watching the heavy rain in anne arundel county, millersville is 65 degrees. it's spreading up towards perry hall at 66. 61 back towards randallstown and look at the rain now rolling up the bay now. the chunk of heavy rain over anne arundel county is actually going to be the back end of this one particular pocket so it may ease up a little bit, by 6:00, 6:30, 7:00 and more behind that. so periods of heavy rain making for slick travel. we go from 63 to 2-degree guaranteed high of 72 and some thunderstorms this afternoon. >>> for a check of the wet roads, let's check the roads with kim. >> we have reports of some minor flooding in the same area you were referring to. route 50 at 301, some heavy water collecting on the roadway. that could be the case all around the area, in certain spots. definitely try to keep the speeds down and take it easy on the roads. one incident in colombia. snowden riv
're traveling in glen burnie along crane highway at oak manor drive. watch for an accident there. that one involves a motorcycle. other than that, we're looking at 51 miles per hour according to our speed sensor on southbound 95. pretty nice ride still on the j.f.x. at 55 south of the beltway. the west side checking in at 54 miles per hour. 60 miles per hour on southbound 83. from the maryland line all the way down to the beltway, a smooth ride so far this morning. let's give you a live look outside and show thaw things are looking good coming toward us on southbound 95 toward the fort mchenry. no delays to report at the harbor tunnel. key bridge traffic looks smooth at this time. and we can switch over to a live view of 795 at cook ease mill, going away from us is southbound traffic. no delays yet to report approaching the beltway. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's gets the latest on the buses and trains. for that we go to kurt kroncke of the m.t.a. >> good morning, sarah. it's a smooth commute this morning on the marc trains. no delails on the penn, camden and brunswick li
dispute with the unidentified glen burnie woman was shot just before 4: sunday afternoon -- for : sunday afternoon at roesler avenue she's never once considered non- life-threatening. -- she suffered wounds considered non-life-threatening. politics is playing into the prosecution of a high-profile murder case in the eastern shore. wicomico county state's attorney lost last week's democratic primary, but the family of a child found dead over christmas allegedly at the hands of a convicted sex offender 1 cent to finish the case he started the family says he is intimately familiar with the case and are confident that he is the person to prosecute. his democratic rival says he is not rule out a possibility. a maryland national guardsman is filing anonymously, serving in iraq, and charges the state board of election has not given absentee voters enough time to obtain and returned ballots for the upcoming november election. they say ballots for the fed raises have arrived at a time, but ballots for the state races will be too late. if you aren't feeling the itch to gamble, at this hollywood ca
. this one went into overtime. the choices for this week are -- annapolis and glen burnie, loyola beach, and pauley. log on to "extra points," on there with all the games thursday, sunday. >> it makes him madder than ever to take rayless down the. >> the bull's eye you put on me as nothing compared the "i am putting money. >> a good game. >> we had the 74 guest coming up next. >> here is what we are working on. candidas for baltimore county executive are spending the night trying to get more votes for tomorrow's primary. the ravens open their 2010 season tonight against the jets. and the get help and they're getting into the spirit and the impact for local businesses. those and i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make th
is on for four men in and around a county who shot a woman during a home invasion last night. happen in glen burnie. detectives a man was robbed as he was entering a home. the men struggled with a woman inside who was shot in the chest. she was listed in stable condition. police believe the victims may have been targeted. >> late last night, the so- called preppie burglar was arrested by montgomery county police. you might remember 30-year-old jeremy hall from this video. he was caught on camera breaking into a home earlier this month. this video led police to him yesterday. today, police in montgomery county say they have tied hall to a similar break-in in spencer bill last month. tonight he faces a host of charges in both counties. a pair of bank robberies are under investigation tonight. the first in harford county. aberdeen police said the man in this picture robbed a bank around noon today and they say he handed the teller a note and then got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. in anne arundel county, police are looking for a man wearing a bright orange vests. they say he robbed at
alert. it happened on country club drive early yesterday morning in glen burnie. police believe that he was looking to rob her. for whatever reason, he sexually assaulted her before leaving. some neighbors are understandably shocked. others say they are not really surprised at this kind of crime. >> it is terrifying. it is absolutely terrifying. it is a nice neighborhood. i do not know what to think. >> i feel that the security in the neighborhood is not as it used to be when i moved in here 15 year ago. it was a lot better off than it is today. that is for sure could crush what police search for the suspect, they remind members to keep their doors and windows locked. there is anyone with -- they remind neighbors to keep their doors and windows locked. also, anyone with arab nation is asked to call the police. -- anyone with information is asked to call the police. an analyst -- police responded to a double shooting in the 7900 block of the ballpark court. two men shot each other. they are expected to survive. just after midnight, the 144th murder of the year was recorded in baltimore c
fadden >>> a town house in glen burnie goes up this flames and investigators believe it was arson. it happened at 2:00 on sunday at valiint circle. a man and a child were inside but made it outside, investigators are still trying to figure out who set the fire. -p>>> a 2-year-old dies after falling into a pool. crews were called to a a home. they said that the child was swimming and had to be pulled out of the water by a family member who performed cpr. the boy was taken to washhngton medical enter where he later died. >>> an alert has gone to the in just one august.d mugggng audrey reports, police are urging students to be more ville lant. >> reporter:more3 vigilant. >> reporter: the latest assault t harbor home is too close for tom pelasa. a student walking alone on saturday was beaten and mugged by two suspects. >> we live right over here so it's pretty crazy on ors o!!. >> repooter: on august 29 two students were approached by 5 suspects. a couple of viccims ran to the volunteer fire station for help but one was assaulted and robbed. >> it seems the suspects are early morning or late evenin
of the animal abuse that is ccming p in at the 6:00 hour. >>> a glen burnie man is indicted on sex trafficking charges. 42 years old during win ii he recruited her by promising her a luxury home. he also threetened her with a gun. if conviited smith faces life in prison. >>> police say a man was in a car that approached the viitim earlier this month. ú%woman driving the car asked the victim if she needed a ride, two white men and a baby were also in the vehicle, and police say once the victim got inside the man in thhs sketch here robbed and tasered hhr. the victim managed to escape from the moving vehicle and go to a nnarby home for help. she was taken to a hospital where she was treated and released. if you have any information, yoú are assed to call the harford county sheriff's office. there's a reward for information leading to an arrest. >>> baltimore's police ú%mmissioner wants to make surr universities and hospiials are on theesame page. if an incident like the hopkins shooting ever happens again. yesterday commissioner fred -ealefeld met with security from several instiiutions like
are dealing with tte motorcycle accident in glen burnie that is going to be along matter drive, fortunately we look at high sppeds on many of our main lines, 53 miles per hoor at white match. you will notice month problems to report, whatsoever. thhs is the shottnorth of 695,3 %-ride from whhtemarsh to the beltway. if yyu are traveling on 95, here area, no problemm to report at quick 11-minute ride, from 95 to 83. the west side will remain clear as well. if you areetraveling 833 no problems to report whatsoever. no problems to report traveling through the tunnels. if you are looking througg >>> the war on crime is being ffught on many crimes.ú one ballimore orranization decided to do its part with a party. we are told how thee are attempting to take back the streets one night at a time. >> reeorter: the music wws so powerful on east chase street, it brought residents out of -heir home.. ♪. >> reporter: and quite -rankly that is the point. >> if youuchange the people, you change the city. >> reporter: it's called adopt a block, an organization that puts on block parties in neighborhoods
. back to you. >> thank you emily. >> well it ttok three, very messy attempps but a glen burnie mannis one of the latest ú%ryland lottery winners. >> dennis keatly was able to retrieve a ticket from a dumpster, he put the ticket in table and it end you had up in maintenance worker helped in th3 search after spotting him sift throuuh the cash garbage. >> i apologized for mmkinn a mess by the you have dumpster. he asked what i had lost. >> i happened to stumble across a bag with dvd cases in it. so i holl it p. and it ffll on the groundd he ran over and took it and went about his business. >> $10, for finddng $10,000 winning ticket. dennis, i think you should show him love. him love. he claimed my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it
arundel county. %-8:00 last night at the north arundel aquatic center at glen burnie. life guards performed cpr after a 25 years old man was found unconscious underwater. %-seizure at the pool. he had a3 he is being treated at baltimore, washington medical >>> 15 city's crerkna correctiol officers are on administrative issue of excessive force. an it happened late last month and involved the detainee at the city detention center. no one was seriously huut.ú officials saa that some people oo leave were not involved but they had ssen what happened. >>> current football analyst star is taking time off from comecommentating after a tempory retraining order was filed in atlanta. the woman who obtained it said that sharp forced her to have sex with her and threatened her he accused sharp of stalking %-sharp will step baak from his post untillthe case is resolved. -p>>> e're not talking about te worms that were found in candy ú% a gift store at one of ballimore's most renounced hospitals. routine exam. she purchased resee resees cupsm the gift store and that was it. >> there were worm
45 viewer. >> received a tip that ichael waters was in the area of glen burnie. based on that tip we ent ut to get him and there he was. >> i don't need no -- child sex abuse. >>> you can see alllthe wanted suspects in our fugitive files >>> city state attorrey patricia jeesamy is bringing her campaign into your living room. >> weetook over and violent crime is doon 59%, robberies have dropped by 2/3, and murders and gun crimes are own -p>> jessamy's teeevision ad and it sitesscrimes from 11 yearr and it doesn't mention her opponent bbrnstein. the grouu ffels thattbernstein would bring a new approach to the office. on the november election. go to and click on the vote 2010 icon in theú >>> some shoe less firefighters -ill be on he loose today aaain this year for jerry's kids. joel d smith is live in pikesville this morning where firefighters are ready to help and to competee little. -ood morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. it's always interesting when you %-firefighters collecting forhe jerry's kids all for good cause. they get a little competit
messy attempts but a glen burnie man is one of the latest lottery winnerr. keith daniels tells us that the3 man almost missed out on his win being ticket. threw away his >>> ddnise coold be considered ú very lucky man. heewas a winner and then looser -p>>> he issa salesman in mmn'sú he retrieved a winning ticket before ittwas too late. hh scratched off a black cherry doubler winning ticket several months go but waited to redeem and didn't want to spend the winnings all at once. he put the ttcket on a dvv caae apaatment but after a ew days, he rralized thh case was won. >> i don't know what happennd but i couldn't find the dvd case and tore thee ouse apart. >> reeorter: at a last resort he wept to the trash can and searched everr trass can that looked like hat. no luck. on the 3rd trr, two mainteeance workers saw him search and asked. -p>> he asked me what i had lost ú%d it was the 10,000 ticket..3 i thought he was bluffing, you know. >> so i kept on going. >> reporter: but barton returred and sift through garbage looking for a white trash bag fillee with dvd. >>i stumbled
-year-old woman.3 the suspect broke into the woman's homeein country club estates in glen burnie and attacked her. he then fled on foot but not before fleedinggwhat is believed to be the victim's coat in a neighborrs backyard. ittfrom underneath of her. maybe he was afraid thereewas evidence on it. >> police are looking for a white man in his early 200. he is described as having a large build. in the meaatime, they have alss stepped up atrols in the community. >>> a woman is accused of sexually abusing an 8 years old wooann several sex assault charges along with possessiin of child pornography. thh mother turned her into the deputy sheriff deputiessafter finding a pornographic video on her laptop. bond.s being held on $70,000 ú%> former catholic school teacher connicted of raping a student in the 1970s conttnues his efforts to try to get out of prissn. he has filed an appeal that he hopes will improve his chances. earlier this year federal judge ruled that mers backer attorneys didn't give him the option to accept a plea deaa before his 1995 trial t would have given him 10 year
as $50,000 over a two-year period. >>> police in glen burnie say two men were trying to take up with thousands of dollars in wire. the spool of wire belong to bge. an officer on patrol noticed two men standing near a truck and determined the men were trying to load the spool into their truck. the member -- men were charged with felony theft. >>> an odor of gas resulted in the evacuation of a baltimore county school. it could be smelled in st. clement mary hofbauer's school in the 1,200 block of chesaco avenue in rosedale. the school was evacuated as a precaution. 250 students were moved to a church neck door. firefighters are still investigating the source of the odor. >>> a nice day to head back to work and school after the holiday weekend. a lot hotter today but the humidity stayed low so didn't feel too bad but most standards -- by most standards. 91 at the inner harbor now. we've cooled off a little. 83 annapolis. one thing you'll notice with the september days, even when we get hot in the afternoon it cools off sharply in the evenings. very little humidity, blue skies over
glen burnie. >> you have been watching the incredible fire footage after a gas explosion last night. want to go to done guevara who is -- don guevara who is with us. the footage is incrediblep. >> jamie it is. we're near the epicenter of the massive explosion. at that site, there is a crater 15 feet wide. the explosion was so matscher that it melted the asphalt and the pipe believed to be song for this split in two. there are more than 50 homes damaged and at least one person has died. a massive fire roared through this residential neighborhood of san bruno, california throughout the night. fire officials confirmed a 24- inch gas main explosion he was responsible for the blaze that reduced dozens of homes to ash within hours. >> the fireball was 100 feet or more in the air. i'm a firefighter so right away i knew it was a major, major thing. it would not stop so we knew it was a gas main. >> reporter: shocked residents didn't know what was happening. >> the area had become white. >> i heard the noise. i think it's an earthquake. >> reporter: are witnesses saided blaze was proceeded
, click on hurricane tracker. >>> 5:03 in glen burnie, on country club drivea guy in his 20's breaks into a home and sexual assaults an 83-year-old woman. neighbors are worried. police are on it. linda? >> reporter: police have been canvassing the neighborhood and plant to canvas the area to get more suspect of the man in his early 20s, he wore a dark scarf over his face during the attack monday morning. the man broke into her home and sexually assaulted her before running away. neighbors hope police will make an arrest soon. >> it's scary. you don't know who it is. you might be roaming around and not even -- who is he? >> reporter: if you have any information to help police call the anne arundel county sex crimes unit at 410-222-3416. in the studio linda so, abc news. >>> what's next for troops overseas? >>> from a beach house to the white house, people all along the east coast are getting ready for hurricane earl. i'm emily schmidt in washington, that story is coming up. >>> we start with mid-summer temperatures in the mid-70s. i want to point out this is one of those unique dates
. this one happened in glen burnie. it happened at the intersection of solley and nabs creek roads before midnight saturday night. according to authorities a woman hit a deer with her car. the driver in the vehicle behind her stopped to avoid hitting her. but a motorcycle driven by a 34-year-old man john fabian iii didn't stop in time and hit the second car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. his passenger suffered serious injuries. >>> we now know the identity of the two people found dead in a howard county home. according to police 35-year-old lenore len stout and reginald van graves both died from what appeared to be gunshot wounds. police say a child who lived in the home found the bodies saturday evening. police are still investigating but say there doesn't appear to be signs of forced entry. >>> one of the three american hikers held in iran for more than a year could get out of prison today. the two men hiking with her though could be on their way to spy trials. abc's larissa has more now. >> reporter: the good news came on iranian state television. the chief prosecutor said sarah
it ttok three, very messy attempps but a glen burnie mannis one of the latest ú%ryland lottery winners. >> dennis keatly was able to retrieve a ticket from a dumpster, he put the ticket in table and it end you had up in maintenance worker helped in th3 search after spotting him sift throuuh the cash garbage. >> i apologized for mmkinn a mess by the you have dumpster. he asked what i had lost. >> i happened to stumble across a bag with dvd cases in it. so i holl it p. and it ffll on the groundd he ran over and took it and went about his business. >> $10, for finddng $10,000 winning ticket. dennis, i think you should show him love. he claimed the winnings yesterday. now tha wywç
the same locations. it's easy up a little bit, glen burnie picking up two inches of rain. check it out, our rainfall tallies right now. 2.6 inches in edgemere. aberdeen, you're catching up, 1.39. bel air an inch and a quarter. perry hall, an inch and 2/3. we have roughly an inch and a half to over two inches of rain. we'll be watching that, there is that possibility of that dam failure that we already talked about earlier on. there's the moisture continuing to stream up. one band on the eastern side of the chesapeake bay. hitting extreme eastern baltimore. now harford county, eastern shores. some of you missing out on the rain. as the storm extends down towards, you heard north carolina, down towards the bahamas, all involved with a couple pieces of energy, the remains of what was once tropical storm nicole and a very large pool of cold active air, really speeding up the jetstream and focusing all this stuff up the eastern seaboard. we have all day to deal with this. probably after midnight until it is that right pushing east of the area. waves of low pressure, you'll see them carved out, a
at the intersections of solley and nabs creek roads in glen burnie. just before midnight saturday night. according to authorities a woman hit a deer with her car and the driver of the vehicle behind her stopped to avoid hitting her. however, a motorcycle driven by 34-year-old john fabian iii didn't stop in time. it hit the second car. fabian was pronounced dead at the scene. his passenger suffered serious injuries. police say they believe that fabian had been drinking. >>> 6:03. we now know the identity of the two people found dead in the howard county home. according to police, claire lenore stout and 49-year-old reginald van graves both died from what appears to be gunshot wounds. according to authorities a child who lived in the home on bonnie bridge place in ellicott city found the bodies. police are still investigating but right now don't believe they saw signs of forced entry that may have been a domestic assault. >>> firefighters responded the city's fourth multiple alarm fire in as many days. yesterday morning a three-alarm fire broke out in the building near the intersections of qins fall
a factor here. it happened at the intersection. nams creek roads in glen burnie before midnight. a woman hit a deer with her car the deer stopped to a side hit to the side. his passenger suffered serious injury. they believe fabian had been drinking. >>> it will be a long dark night for part of downtown after fire knocks out power to little italy it happened before 7:30 this morning underground power tunnel at the corner of fawn and hey streets. video shows flames shooting into the air. wear was knocked out to most of the area sending the area's restaurant scrambling. >> after three blizzards that happened all in one weekend having a transformer fire that knocks out par, knocks out another night not the best way to sort of continue in business, but hey, football was on tonight. we're all watching that anyway too. so it wasn't going to be a terribly busy night i don't think. but there's no way to tell. we're most concerned about saving our perishables. >> crews have been working all day will continue to work tonight to restore power to that area. they hope to have some back tonight and
are on the eastern shore and over baltimore. glen burnie north into baltimore's when we have yellow -- will we have yellow, that is moderate rain. if we have an inch in bowie. by tomorrow morning and there will be 3.5 inches in all. persistent rain up and down the 81 corridor an end to the west. this is where we have a good steady soaking falling right now. there will be better downpours, especially along antes of 15 later on today and especially to the east of 95. we could have severe and storms this afternoon and thunderstorms into tomorrow morning. there are gaps in the rain. that is anticipated. some of those will be filling in throughout the morning and midday. if we get the moisture down to the south. there's more even farther down which will continue streaming north through the day and night and really small morning. the frontal boundary will move a little farther to the west. that will bulbar temperatures and humidity of. mid 70's for most of us. cooler and a west where they will get hit by the one side of that system. 81 west, at temperatures will be close to 70 or maybe low 60's. you will
will look and feel much better, if you like the cooler temperatures. 75 in glen burnie
radar as we go into the weekend. glen burnie's temperature coming in at 61 degrees. we are dealing with the winds light as of now just like yesterday at this time, about 3 miles per hour, 2 miles per hour in the northwest. we had th
of the beltway, glen burnie on down towards annapolis. that's pushing towards the east side. there's more to come. in fact, we'll continue to watch the very active radar stay very active, like i said for the next 16 to 20 hours, up to five inches of rainfall, we've already seen ponding on the roadways, especially with the overcharged storm drains. on the sides of the roads, puddles may be deeper than you imagine. that has already led to numerous problems. 75 today, it's really about
is a good reminder why they call the workers here lifeguards. in glen burnie i'm don harrison for arkansas 2 news. >>> checking headlines around the nation tonight, this was the third day of testimony in a deadly home invasion case in connecticut. police took the stand to answer questions about their response time, getting to the home where a doctor, his wife, and two daughters were attacked. surveillance video shows the doctor's wife at a bank that july 2007 morning trying to withdraw $15,000 in cash. >> what's your emergency. >> we have a lady in our bank right now who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. >> okay. her husband and family. >> yes. they are tied up she said. they told her they wouldn't hurt anybody if she got pack there with the money. she believes them. >> but when police got to the home it was too late. the sexual assaulted and killed the wife and the 11 you're do daughters. both could get the death penalty if convicted. >>> now this cell phone video from cincinnati, ohio, that police say shows this 2-year- old smoking a joint. investigators s
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